Tampa’s Green Gators is Letting Everyone In Free?

On December 27, 2015

Tampa’s Green Gators is ending the year with a bang.  Green Gators (Saudi) and Corey Curry Ent. Would like to thank you for years of support in the entertainment business and would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Personally! Starting that Sunday and every Sunday after Green Gator is returning to the 112, Club Atlanta, Club Joy format. Artist performing, 2-4-1 drink specials and the Hottest Dj in every corner of the club.  Over the years my experiences in these clubs have always been great memories.  I look forward to the new entertainment this year. I even heard of secrets of an RnB section strictly. Nothing but RnB, Neo Soul and Hint of Poetry in the background. With a Totally different section for both the concerts and lounging (outside area). Thats’ dope.  I know Saudi’s St.Pete and Bradenton crowd will be in the building with Corey Curry’s entertainment prestige with regional artist’s “Creek” leading the pack. This should be interesting back to a spot for the ladies with Creek’s Dirty Pearl Sundays.  I know I’ll be in the building come the 27th and probably many weeks after.  Hope I see you there.

Green Gators

9202 Anderson Road.

Tampa, Fl. 33634


I’m Da Man: Famous Jameis Tampa Bay Buc’s Franchise Quarterback!


Skill, determination, wisdom. How is this possible for a 21 year old rookie out of Florida State? Ambition, that’s how.  Jameis Winston is an unbelievable phenomenon. Never mind his first pass in the NFL was an interception. A proven 500 player and team player that is, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are fighting for a Wild Card position.  With this young beast ahead of the realm, I see this team in the post season and with vengeance. Yesterday’s 23 – 19 win over the Atlanta Falcons sealed it in stone that he means business.  We at Hott or Nott want to give you a rating of HOTT! We love what you represent and hope you uplift our community just like how you have uplifted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Famous Jameis Winston this is for you. You are


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